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China's Leap To Faith


Seen just by the numbers, China's religious reawakening can be called the largest religious resurgence in human history. It's "a social transformation completely unprecedented in the history of world," says James Miller, a professor of Chinese religions at Queen's University. Like many observers, he thinks China's economic liberalization is powering the resurgence. Freedom of belief partly flows from business freedom, Miller says. "Growing numbers of China's hundreds of thousands of new millionaires seem anxious to credit the traditional gods for their good fortune — to thank them and, perhaps, to acquire further blessings."

Lenght of the shoot: 20 days in Shanghai, Beijing, Putuo Shan Island, Fujian Province and Hongkong, shot with Sony EX1R

Running time: 6 episodes a 10 minutes (you can see here a part of the film)
Director : Paul Webster & Diane Dai
Production: Congent/Benger & VisionTV Canada