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DSLR & Photography


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My passions are people, their personality in beauty or self expressing them while working. And landscape, still life and good design.
And my passion for photography started way back in the early 80th in the analog times when I bought my first Nikon SLR, a FE2 and short after that a Nikon F3. Taking black & white pictures and developing film and pictures in my dark room and finding out in many tries and errors all the chemical mysteries how to transfer a good shoot combined with expensive papers in a beautiful picture, all this gave me a deep knowledge of Photography and it is still useful today in the age of Photoshop.
Later I discovered medium format photography. My beloved 6x6 Rolleiflex 6008 gave me the surplus on quality I was looking for. My assistance for an advertising photographer in Frankfurt (Germany) showed me the way to better perspectives using 4x5 " and 8x10" cameras and good studio lightning.
Meanwhile I was shooting for the AZ-Andere Zeitung, a city magazine in Frankfurt and a daily newspaper in Marburg/Lahn and publishing my pictures also in other Newspapers and showing them in exhibitions.
1989 I made the leap to moving pictures and began my way to a cameraman in German First Television at the local station SWF as an assistant without forgetting my first love, the photography. For one year at 1995 I was the photographer in charge for the public relation department at the SWF but finally I founded my freelancing with camerawork in 1996. My success in this media is for sure also based on my training as a photographer. Framing and lighting is the base of both medias.
A couple of years before my move to China in 2006 I was starting over again with photography besides my camerawork, this time it was the jump in the digital age with Photoshop as my darkroom in MacBook seize.