Documentaries & TV programs

RED BULL: Archaic Games

Part of a 55mins documentary series for Leitmotiv Vision Ismaning/Germany in Kiangan/Ifugao in April/May 2016. Service Production:, Dp for additional Stories around the festival Joa Czogalla. Director Xaver-Maria Zirngibl

UN Habitat: Design Project Tacloban

After the Taifun Hayan in 2010 Tacloban plans a new sustainable City lerning from the desaster and being consultated by a team of Dutch Architects from The UN Habitat Design Team. Shot/Directed by Joa Czogalla in April 2016. Local production 7000Islands Film Production Jen Amorin Czogalla. Production Alexander Valeton Media HQ Kenia

"Wicked Inventions"

Broadcast series "Rubber Boots" and "Two Way Radios", shot in Huai'an in June 2015 and Manila in July 2015. Production Definition Media UK


BBC Pop artist Xu Zhen

BBC Scotland, Director Jude Ho, shot in Shanghai May 2015


Discovery Channel "Wood Wariors"

Beach House Productions Singapore, Director Kenny Png, shot in May 2015


DW German TV: GLOBAL 3000

Endangered dugongs in the Philippines
Dugongs and manatees all over the world are threatened. These sea cows have almost vanished from the coasts of the Philippines. The shy and placid marine mammals live on seagrass . But seagrass is sensitive to pollutants and intensive fishing. Shot March 2015 in Palawan/Philippines. Production DW German TV. Director Kerstin Schweizer

Siemens TV:

" A Glimmer of Hope - the CT for Tacloban"

A typhoon swept across the Philippines in November 2013. The result: about 7,000 dead and 1.2 million homes destroyed. At the gala event "A Heart for Children" broadcast on the German TV channel ZDF, Siemens President and CEO Joe Kaeser spontaneously promised Siemens' assistance to a nun from the Tacloban hospital. The company has now supplied the renovated facility with a computed tomography scanner. Medical care at the highest level and a promise kept.
Shot in June 2014 Production Regiepapst Medienproduction Munich, local production

SWR TV GERMANY "Yellow Dragon - Red Wine"'

Französische Edelweine aus Bordeaux werden in China immer beliebter. Dank der Kaufkraft aus Fernost sind die Preise für den traditionsreichen Bordeaux-Wein deutlich gestiegen. China ist der wichtigste Exportmarkt. Dennoch beobachten viele Franzosen diese Entwicklung mit gemischten Gefühlen, denn einige reiche Chinesen geben sich mit dem Kauf von Weinflaschen nicht zufrieden: Sie kaufen ganze Weingüter im Bordeaux-Gebiet. Über 70 sind es bereits. Dort fürchten die Menschen um ihr kulturelles Erbe.
Part of a feature lenght documentary about Chinese invading the French wine market in France and buying wine yards. At the other side French are also opening wine yards in China like Rothchild Lafite and exploring the new taste of Chinese for expensive wine. Shot in May 2014 in Shanghai, Yangplai, Beijing, Hongkong on Canon C300. Director Mouhcine El Ghomri

'Nah Dran' MDR German Television:

In Busan praying every Monday Christians in public for the reuniting of North and South. Shot in May 2014 in Busan(south Korea). Director Michael Haenel for MDR German Television

DW GLOBAL IDEAS: 'Climate Change and Fishing'

Documentary for DW Deutsche Welle German Television. Fisherman in the Philippines facing a crisis as climate change leads to dwindling fish. Shot in August 13 in Luzon/Manila/Mindoro PHILIPPINES with Canon DSLR D600 and Sony EX1R. Director Mabel Gundlach


Shot in May 2013 in Chongqing, Director Eunice Yoon

'Californias Governor Jerry Brown's trade mission to China'

Director John Myers, Political Editor for KXTV Television, ABC Sacramento, California USA

Spider against Brown Planthopper

How scientists at the International Rice Research Institute/IRRI in Los Banos , Manila Philippines fights against the the destruction of rice fields. Language German, scientific program from 3Sat German Television, broadcasted February 2013, Director Michael Haenel

"Goodbye Deutschland"

(Goodbye Germany) RTL Docutainment series shot in Shanghai and Guangzhou in December 2012 about German immigrants starting their new live in China. Production Infonet Koeln, Director Claudia von Canstein. 90 mins, shot with Sony EX1 and Canon DSLRs.

STX Werft Korea - STX Shipyard Korea

Shipyards in South Korea have been building the world biggest Vessels. The once poor country gained its development though ship building. But now the competiion of Chinese shipyards gets serious. Language: German, 3Sat Makro October 2012
Südkorea gehört weltweit zur ersten Adresse im Schiffbau. Das einst so arme Land wurde reich durch seine Werften. Mittlerweile drängen Chinesische Billigwerften auf den Markt und werden zur Konkurrenz.

LEGATO Imagefilm

LEGATO stands for 'Land-use intensity and Ecological Engineering – Assessment Tools for risks and Opportunities in irrigated rice based production systems' . This international consortium of 22 research institutions from Germany, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, the UK, Bulgaria and Spain was launched on June 14, 2011, in Penang, Malaysia. Shot in June/July 2012 in Los Banos and Banaue/North Luzon Philippines with Canon DSLRs

"Young Boy Urine Eggs"

National Geographic 'Taboo' Remedies episode shot in April 2012 in Dongyang China, Production Company Beyond Productions Australia, Director and local production Kim Taylor Kaimu Productions Shanghai

"Rice Feeds The World"

Shot in January 2012 for ARD German science/educational TV program in Banaue North Luzon and at the IRRI/International Rice Research Institute in Los Banos, Manila Philippines. 15 mins. Director Michael Haenel

"North Korea"

Is opening a Special Zone for International Tourism, magazine report for RTL German Television, shot November 2011 in Kamgansan and Pyongyang, Director Pia Schroers

"Susan Boyle in Shanghai"

Susan Boyle as a guest at the "China got Talent" show in Shanghai, shot in July 2011, Production Firecracker Films London

Tavis Smiley: China Week & "Postcards from China"

Smiley visits divers locations in and around Shanghai, shot in June 2011, Local Production Fan Huang. See also 'Tavis' reflection from China'

"Economic Power South Korea"

Shot in February 2011 in Seoul, Kimcheon, Busan, 15min. for ARD German Science/Educational TV program. Director Michael Haenel

"Songdo City"

Magazine report for Nano, ARD German Television Sience Program, shot in Songdo/Seo) South Korea in September 2010. Director Michael Haenel

"Micro Robot"

Magazine report for Nano ARD German Television sience program, shot September 2010 in Seoul and Gwangju (South Korea). Director Michael Haenel

"The First Emperor"

Documentary about the Terra Cotta Army of China's First Emperor Qin Shi Huang, Production Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Educational DVD 30 minute, Director Ann Buchner, Firelight Productions Sidney, Local Production Kaimu Shanghai, shot in Xi'an in October 2010

"Shanghai, Le Nouvel Eldorado Francais"

Documentary 52mins, Shoot in Shanghai in June 2010, Realisateur Sandrine Mary, Production Grand Angle Productions Paris, Local Production Actuasia Shanghai/Beijing

"Aufbruch aus der Krise"

(Break through the Crisis) Frontal 21 Documentation for Asia shoot Mai/June 2009 in Shanghai, Nanjing, Goanzhou, Singapore for ZDF - Second German Public Television Channel

"Pflanzenkläranlage und Trockentoiletten"

("Natural Sewage through Plants and Dry Toilets") ARD First Television Channel Germany: "W wie Wissen" science/educational TV program, Germany, March 2009. Director Michael Haenel

"Musuo Matriarchs"

20mins, shot in July 2008 around the Lugo Lake Yunnan/Sichuan Province for National Geographic "Taboo" – Documentary Series. Producer Jeremy Adair, Beyond Productions Australia, Local Production Kaimu Productions Shanghai

"China's Leap Of Faith, 'Buddhism and Folk Religion"

60 mins, shot in 2007/2008 in Shanghai, Beijing, Hongkong, Fujian Province, Putuo Shan Island for Vision, Canada. Directed by Paul Webster and Diana Dai, Cogent /Benger Productions Toronto 2008

"Flying Man"

5th Paramotor Worldchampionship Changping/Beijing September 2007, Local Production Tribal Films Beijing

"Being Single in China"

Yahoo Dokumentaryshot in Beijing March 2007, Local Production Tribal Films Beijing

"Aviation Market China"

BBC World Documentary 12 mins, shot in Beijing/Hainan March 2007, Local Production Tribal Films Beijing

"Fascination Earth"

ZDF presentations with Dr. Joachim Bublath, shot in Xi An, Hangzhou and Zhanzhuang in September 2007, Local Production Kaimu Productions Shanghai

"Inferno in der Unterwelt"

("Coal mine (seam) fires"), ARTE Reportage "Inferno in der Unterwelt"/Coal mine (seam) fires in China, Wuda/Gulaben/Inner Mongolia, May 2006, 30mins ARTE German/French Television, Director Hartmut Idzko

"IKEA in Beijing"

April 2006, 16mins RTL German Television