"Worauf das 2. Jahrhundert sitzt" - Die Welt von Charles und Ray Eames -

('The world of Charles and Ray Eames'). Shot1997 in Germany, USA, France, Great Britain on 16:9 / Digital-Betacam. Director: Horst Brandenburg Production: GIGAHERZ, Baden-Baden for 3SAT, Suedwest 3, DSR and worldwide distribution. Duration 40 and 60 minutes.

"50 Years Festival Jagsthausen"

Shot 1987 and 1988 in Germany. Director: Martina Klug, Production: GIGAHERZ Baden-Baden for SWR Baden-Baden, Broadcasted as SWR Documentary film 45 min


Shot December 1998/1999 in Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain. Director: Horst Brandenburg. Production: GIGAHERZ Baden-Baden/Vitra Design Museum Weil am Rhein. Broadcasted in May 1999 by arte as feature 60 min within an evening program under the same topic and by SWR Baden-Baden, 60 minutes.

"Joachim-Ernst Behrendt - Vom Hoeren des Unerhoerten"

Steadicam, Shot in 1998 in Germany, Director: Willy Mayer, Production: EuroArts Entertainment Stuttgart. Two documentary films of one hour broadcasted on ARTE, also presented on the Filmshow Baden-W├╝rttemberg 1998

"Cross-ways of the Body: The Plastic Work of Markus Daum"

Artist Portrait 30 min 1999, Director: Horst Brandenburg, Production GIGAHERZ Baden-Baden

"50 Years German and Italian Design"

45 min.Shot 2000 in Italy and Germany. Author: Horst Brandenburg / Oliver Kraft Broadcasted on 3sat. Production: Kunst und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Art and Exposition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany)

"Kofi Annan"

Portrait. Shot: August and September 2001 in Kongo (DRC), Ruanda, Kenya, New York City. Director: Hannelore Gadatsch, Production: SERGACOM/SWR. 30 / 45 min, broadcasted by BW3 and ARD

"Tony Cragg - From the Peeling of an Apple"

Shot: 2003 in Germany. Director: Horst Brandenburg. Production: Kunst und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Art and Exposition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany).Broadcasted by 3sat, 45mins.

"Kehl der Grenzfall 2003"

Director: Michelle Dutt/Simone Lehde Production: TimeCode for Culture Office Kehl

"In den Winden im Nichts"

Ballet from Heinz Spoerli, 63 min. Production Zurich Ballet Heinz Spoerli in 2003



"Cafe Bale",

2. camera and steadicam. Soap Opera, 30 mins. Shot 1999 Production: Basileafilm, Basel , for the Swiss TV station DRS

"The Timebomb Principle"

Steadicam. 25 min short feature film, shot on Super 16, Production: Filmacademy BW and HR. Director: Christophe Reiling, DOP: Michael Gsell


DOP and Steadicam. 10 min short feature film. Director : Felix Kienzler, produced by GIGAHERZ, Baden-Baden


Music Films:

"Sara K."

5 mins. clip shot 1997 in Santa Fe. Production: Chesky Records, NYC. Director: Nikolai Vialkowitsch

"Hofkapelle Karlsruhe"

3 mins. clip shot 2001 in the Monastery Maulbronn. Production: SWR, Baden-Baden, director: Nikolai Vialkowitsch

"Magic of the Barock Music""

shot 2004 in Eisenach in the Wartburg Castle. Production: Sabine Kierdorf, media & eventservice GmbH / MDR. Director: Simone Lehde

"Choir Olympics 2004 in Bremen"

Footage for NDR Feature "Singing for Gold", Produktion: Ti:me:co:de, Kehl. Director: Simone Lehde

"Welcome to XIAMEN, China 2006"

shot 2004 in Xiamen, China for Interkultur Fondation. Produktion: Ti:me:co:de, Kehl. Director: Simone Lehde


News and Magazine Program:


Sience: W wie Wissen/C@mpass (Hr)/NANO/Sonde (SWR)/Gallileo/Abenteuer Leben (Pro7)

Culture: Metropolis / arte/Kultur Suedwest / Nachtkultur / Kulturcafe / SWR Baden-Baden/MainzKulturzeit / 3Sat/ Kulturweltspiegel / WDR

Shoots for Special program of SWR:

SWF 3 NEW-POP-Festival, 1995 und 1997

SWR 3 NEW-POP-Festival, Reportage 1998

"Allein unter Computern? - Leben im Netz", ("Alone among computers? - Living in the net") 1996

Opening of ZKM (Center for Art and Media technology in Karlsruhe), 1997

International Award for Video Art, 1998

International Filmfestival in Ludwigsburg, 1998

Opening of the ZKM Museum for Collections, 1999

International Filmfest in Mannheim, 1999

International Animation Filmfestival in Ludwigsburg, 2000

International Award for Media Art/The best 50ies, 2000

"Love in Europe and other Places - Filmfest Stuttgart", 2001

Culture Cafe Bodenseefestival, 2001

International Filmfest Mannheim, 2001

Animation Filmfestival Stuttgart, 2002

International Filmfest Mannheim/Heidelberg, 2003

3. European Filmfest Stuttgart Ludwigsburg, 2003

12. International Animation Filmfestival Stuttgart Ludwigsburg