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Post Production

Steve Reiman post production
For postproduction we work mostly together with the German post production specialist Steve Reiman. Steve is one of the most experienced artists in this field with great knowledge of all systems of post production.
His outstanding work includes the Coca Cola Shuang Zone - Coca Cola Olympic Campaign: Within Red-Lounge(the integrated agency that created Coca-Cola China's Beijing Olympic work), Leo Burnett and ARC Worldwide.

Editing with Final Cut Studio, furthermore post production tasks as Keying, Grading, Compositing, MattePainting, Rotoscoping and 3D Animation. Steve prefers SHAKE, but is a SMOKE artist as well.
For your production we do VIDEO MASTERING and FORMAT CONVERSION!
If you experience problems to PLAY any kind of digital VIDEO FORMAT's on your computer , we will convert it into user friendly format's who fit your need's:
- Apple Quicktime
- AVI ( Audio Video Interleave)
- WMV (Windows Media)
- Flash Video
- MPEG 1/2 or 4
Cell: +86 136 71 95 94 61
mail: reiman.steve@googlemail.com