"Joachim is a very experienced cameraman, a reliable team partner. He shot a documentary for one of my clients, France 5, a education-oriented channel. Though the timing of the shooting was very tight, however Joachim has fully satisfied the requirements for this documentary. Thus I would strongly recommend to hire him for any job."

Joris Zylberman, Actuasia Beijing/Shanghai


"Joachim was cameraman for out Chinese religion documentary, the editor liked his work. It was very pleasant to work with Joachim, Joachim is trustworthy, creative cameraman. He has a good attitude, he is reliable, easy, fun to work with. He also understand Chinese culture well."

Xiaoping Diana Dai , Canada


"Joa is a highly reliable cameraman with wide-ranging technical knowledge and experience, including steadycam operation, 5D and other specialized cameras, etc. He recently supervised a very challenging shoot for us involving 4 car-mounted cameras that had to operate in "sync". He always delivers first-rate footage in a timely manner."

Carl Thelin, producer at Common Communication Shanghai


"Joachim is a highly experienced and professional cameraman with deep industry experience who brings the highest international standards to any role. His understanding of Asia culture, including China, is also strong. I highly recommed Joachim."

Damien Ryan, Hongkong


"Joachim is a passionate camera person and film enthusiast for documentary, feature, corporate and TV films, diving into any challenging cinematographical tasks wholeheartedly and coolheaded - i.e. he is highly professional. He is easy to work with but gives his all - and his peculiar mixture of absolute commitment for a job and friendly sociable manners makes working with him pleasant and - at the same time - exciting. He is a canny and honed professional, yet enthusiastic and dedicated as a freshman of the trade. Putting his heart into all that technology, including Steadycam and all, lets him succeed as one of the most interesting DOPs around - where ever one might need a fresh, daring and innovative cameraman between London and Shanghai. Or, for that matter, between Shanghai and New York."

Lothar Spree, producer and professor at the Tonji University Shanghai


"Joachim worked on a film project that was challenging for several reasons: difficulties in dealing with officials who where hostile to the project, severe weather and tight travel logistics, which required him to work on his own initiative to get a good result. And we were very pleased with the results.

Christopher Sumpton - Cogent/Benger Productions Inc." Canada


"I have worked together with Joachim Czogalla on various projects since 2008, and have known him as one of the most professional cameramen you can find in Shanghai. He can get exactly what clients really want, but can also work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. I highly recommend Joa for your production projects in China."

Lingyi Chen, Shanghai


"Joa is a great Cameraman, he always know what he is doing and good in offering the suggestion for the shooting too, he is generally a nice guy with a great working attitude, if you need a good cameraman for your next shoot, Joa is the one!"

Clark Wang, Project manager Bright Shadow Films Shanghai


For more than 3 years, I have worked as a video - planner within a video production and distribution company focused mainly on filming hotels worldwide - and Mr. Joachim Czogalla was one of the most reliable videographers I have worked with in China, specifically Shanghai area.
Our strong working relationship has started in late 2009 and I have always known that all video projects that were to take place in Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai or Wuxi, I should assign to Joa. He has always been prompt when asked to join our projects and I knew I could count on him.

He is a great professional and was a very valuable partner for me.I have collaborated very easily with him and worked together on various video projects - small, complex, short or long-term - and we were always satisfied with the quality of his work. He always followed the clientas' requirements and completed the work in due time while displaying a professional attitude and showing all the consideration to the hotel's clients and staff.
I highly recommend Joa for any kind of video projects worldwide.

Anne Pacurar (


"It is my pleasure to recommend Joa Czogalla as talented and senior cameraman. I am a location sound recordist with 6 years extensive experience in film and TV. I came to know Joa on numerous shoots we've worked on over the years.

Overall, Joa is intelligent and has good camera skills. He has an great eye for composition and he always puts in a 100% effort to each project he is involved with. Joa is full of ideas and suggestions during the production. Ithink Joa is an asset to any production and I would not hesitate to recommend him for any camera job."

Brent Nazaroff , Beijing