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showreel documentaries

Joa Czogalla Documentary ShowReelYouTube sharing

This reel shows a selection from documentaries in China, South Korea, Philippines and Singapore. The footage was shot in Sony XDCAM and with Canon DSLRs.The documentaries were produced for German television ARD and ZDF. Shooting time was between 5 to 10 days.

Sky high at the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2017

CNN Destination Philippines Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

For more than two decades aviation enthusiasts from around the world have been turning up to the Philippines to participate in this annual event. 
Source: CNN. Local produced by www.7000Islandsfilmproduction.com.

Grand Circle: Portrait Sharlyn

Grand Circle Portrait Sharlyn

Portrait of a travel guide, directed and shot in Chengdu in 2015 with Canon DSLR

National Geographic 'Musuo Matriarchs at Lugo Lake'

Mosua Matriachs
7 mins example from a longer National Geographics Taboo Episode. Shot of 6 days in July 2008 around the Lugo Lake Yunnan/Sichuan Province. Camera was a Sony F-900R. Producer Jeremy Adair, Beyond Productions Australia, local production Kaimu Productions Shanghai Kim Taylor

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