Video Art & Exhibition


The Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bonn:

Typically German/typically Italian: "50 years German and Italian design"

45 mins. Shot 2000. Directed by Horst Brandenburg / Oliver Kraft

Tony Cragg: "From the Peeling of an Apple"

45 mins. Shot 2003. Director: Horst Brandenburg


Museum for Design in Nuernberg:

"World of Charles and Ray Eames"

Standing exhibition of the film by Horst Brandenburg


Art Hall Baden-Baden:

Richard Meier: "Museum Architecture"

Video installation. During an exposition under the same title in the Art Hall Baden-Baden from September, 27. until November, 10. 2002. Production Gigaherz Baden-Baden. Director Horst Brandenburg.

Vitra Design Museum:

" The Word of Charles and Ray Eames"

Duration 60 minutes. Shot1997 in Germany, USA, France, Great Britain on 16:9 / Digital-Betacam. Production: GIGAHERZ, Baden-Baden/Vitra Design Museum Weil am Rhein. Director: Horst Brandenburg


Duration 60 minutes. Shot December 1998/1999 in Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain. Production: GIGAHERZ Baden-Baden/Vitra Design Museum Weil am Rhein.Director: Horst Brandenburg


Theodor Heuss Museum Brackenheim:

"Theodor Heuss"

Video installation. Director: Horst Brandenburg


Kestner Museum Hannover:

"The World of Charles and Ray Eames" (60 min)

"Verner Panton" (6 min)

"Jasper Momson" (10 min)

As accompanying program to the Expo 2000. Director: Horst Brandenburg


Collection Frieder Burda:

"Richard Meier"

Documentary film of the planning and construction of a new building from
Richard Meier, shot 2001 in Baden-Baden/Strasbourg/New-York on Digital Betacam 16:9. Direction: Horst Brandenburg


Museum in the Jagsthausen Castle

"Goetz von Berlichingen"

Standing exhibition.Made for the presentation on three parallel projection screens (about 3 x 20 min) with scenic parts.Shot February until December 1998 in Jagsthausen.Production: GIGAHERZ Baden-Baden. Director: Martina Klug


Expo-Team Berlin

Participation in the wine village exposition of the
country Baden-W├╝rttemberg. Direction: Lawrence Wallen